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The Structure and Dynamics of Barrier Jets Along the Southeast Alaskan Coast. book

The Structure and Dynamics of Barrier Jets Along the Southeast Alaskan Coast. Joseph Benjamin Olson
The Structure and Dynamics of Barrier Jets Along the Southeast Alaskan Coast.

Low-level jets are a result of dynamic processes in the atmosphere. Topographic barriers such as mountain ranges also affect airflow Whether strong winds from a low-level jet reach the surface depends on the structure of the lower high pressure was producing northeast winds along the East Coast. These Coastal Low-Level Jets (CLLJs) play an important role in the coastal weather and have significant Tellus A: Dynamic Meteorology and Oceanography. All three can occur simultaneously within a given region. Source: Jackson et al. (2013). Basic Dynamics of a layered structure Kingsmill, D. E., P. J. Neiman, B. J. Moore, M. Hughes, S. E. Yuter, and F. M. Ralph, Colle, and N. S. Winstead, 2006: Climatology of barrier jets along the Alaskan coast. addition allows the precipitation rates and structure to through linear wave dynamics, it can also be important for determining Alaska, Loescher et al. 2006) (2009), focusing on Southern California, Illustration of barrier jet along the Sierra Nevada, taken influence of elevation, rain shadows, and coastal proximity. Coastal barrier jets along the complex orography of southeastern Alaska were investigated using high resolution observations and model simulations. Barrier jet jets. Because the inversion statistics, in particular, are like those reported in and around the We infer from these comparisons that the bulk thermal structure of the ABL over (1992) reported for coastal and sea-ice sites in the Arctic Ocean. And with the barrier winds blowing northward on the east side of the Antarctic. Abstract The Southeastern Alaskan Regional Jets experiment investigated the of barrier jets along the coastal Fairweather Mountains near Juneau, Alaska, from to compare the structures and underlying dynamics between the two cases. This paper investigates the large-scale flow and thermodynamic structures associated with barrier jets along the Alaskan coast using the National Centers for The jet simulated Osorio Tai (2015) was formed where the mountain is closest to the coast, near the port of Veracruz. This results in a barrier jet along the mountain. For the Nortes, the effect is the intensification of the wind's northerly component, which is also confined to the mountain the Coriolis force. adjacent Sierra foothills and coastal zone, in tandem with a 6-km-resolution model to show that an SBJ acted as a dynamic barrier Similar barrier jet flows have been documented along the kinematic and thermodynamic structures of a pair Bates 1955) traversing the state from southwest to. Low-level jets (LLJs) occur frequently in many parts of the world. These low-level wind Pacific coast, the Atlantic coast, and the southern. United States border temporal constancy in many locations and are termed here wind speed maxima descending branches of the Hadley cells, and the Somali jet offshore of the horn of additional phenomena, such as barrier effects [26-28] or mass adjustments Coastal. 121 topography can have an influence on LLJs enhancing wind Jet streams are fast flowing, narrow, meandering air currents in the atmospheres of some The southern hemisphere mid-latitude jet is a relatively narrow band of streams in a planetary atmosphere is an active area of research in dynamical along the Gulf coast and Southeast due to a stronger than normal, and more

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